I wanted to write and thank you for developing such a great product. When I discovered I had a toenail fungus I was mortified! I tried various over-the-counter products, old-folks remedies, yet nothing helped. The only promising option was that prescription drug that also ruins your liver.

I was determined to discover a more natural way to combat this malady. After long searching I found your website and the ingredients in Mycozil made a lot of sense. I decided to try it. After 4 months taking Mycozil my toenails grew out healthy. When I was taking Mycozil I also noticed a boost in overall well being.

I am very satisfied with your product and I wish more people can experience nature’s benefits.

Thank you,


I just wanted to let you know that your product worked wonderfully for me! It has only been 3 months but the new nail that is growing is completely normal! Yay! I am only 29 and I was not about ready to look like a 65 year old! Thank you! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for a wonderful product


Dr. Group,

I wanted to let you know that the Mycozil seems to be working well. I have been taking it for only 2 months now and I am seeing clear nail growing in. I really appreciate all the free articles on the website and responding to all my questions personally.