How long should I take Mycozil?

Most people report signs of improvement in one month and significant improvement after 5-6 months of taking Mycozil. It might seem like a long procedure but remember that nails grow slowly. It takes between 6 months to 1 year for a completely healthy nail to grow out. Candida yeast infections may only require a 2-3 month cycle of Mycozil although severe instances may vary.

Do other factors matter?

Factors such as diet, immune system, stress, lack of exercise, smoking, and others all contribute to nail fungus prevalence. Eliminating unhealthy factors may help your efforts to rid yourself of nail fungus.

Is Mycozil guaranteed?

Mycozil comes with a risk-free, 180-day money back guarantee!

How long does one bottle of Mycozil last?

When used as directed, one bottle of Mycozil will last 20 days. To avoid dosage lapse, we recommend the Mycozil 3 pack special. Most people report evidence of clear nails coming in after 60 days.

Does Mycozil have reported side effects?

Some instances of nausea or upset stomach have been reported but are not common. Sometimes Pau D Arco may upset the stomach of people with sensitive stomach.

Large amounts of Pau D Arco or consistent use for longer than one year may be hard on the liver and Mycozil should not be taken for longer than one year.

If you have liver problems, consult your doctor or health care professional before taking Mycozil.

Should Mycozil be taken with food?

It is recommended that Mycozil be taken before a light meal or snack to minimize stomach discomfort.

Does Mycozil react with other medications?

No specific reactions have been reported or are suspected but if you are taking any prescription medications you should consult your doctor or health care provider before taking Mycozil.

Does Mycozil cause detox reactions?

Some people have reported detox reactions, which are similar to flu symptoms. This is common with most supplements that fight harmful organisms. Detoxification reactions include upset stomach, headaches, weakness, fatigues and general flu-like symptoms. Detox reactions vary depending on how toxic the body is and are a result of toxins being released.

Can Mycozil be taken for an extended period of time?

We don’t recommend taking Mycozil for more than one year at a time. Mycozil is an excellent nutritional supplement and you should be satisfied in far less than one year. If you have taken Mycozil for over 6 months and you’re not satisfied with the results, call or email Global Healing Center to see if we can help with diet or nutrition.

As mentioned, large amounts or extended use of Pau D’Arco may be hard for liver function. That is why we don’t recommend use or Mycozil beyond 1 year.

If you have known liver problems, you should discuss taking Mycozil with a Doctor or Health Care Professional.