Home Remedies for Toenail Fungus

If you are suffering from toenail fungus, you are not alone. Health experts estimate that as many as 11 million Americans suffer from onychomycosis, the medical term for nail fungus. And up to 48 percent of individuals will have at least one toe affected by fungus by the time they reach age 70.

When fungus grows underneath a toenail it often causes the end of the nail to separate from the nail bed. Fungal debris then builds up under the nail plate, causing the toenail to discolor to a white, green, yellow or black shade. Fungal infection of the toenails occurs four times more frequently than that of the fingernails, due to the warm, moist environment in shoes that promotes fungal growth. Toenail fungus is not usually painful unless the nail becomes so thick that it makes it uncomfortable to wear shoes. But fungal infections can be difficult to resolve.

There are a few medications that are currently used for toenail fungus. These include itraconazole (Sporanox®), terbinafine (Lamisil®), and fluconazole (Diflucan®); or topical options such as ciclopirox (Penlac™ Nail Lacquer). However, these medications are expensive and have mixed opinions concerning their efficacy. In addition, they are not without potential side effects.

Here are a few steps you can take to address toenail fungus at home:

  • Wash up– Wash your feet with soap and water every day and be sure to dry them thoroughly, especially in between the toes where moisture can hide. If you have time, use a blow dryer set on the low setting to make sure your toes are completely dry before dressing. Use drying powders to help keep feet dry. But avoid any products that contain corn starch, as this will feed any fungi that may be present. Also, do not use nail polish on your toes, as this will prevent oxygen from getting to the area. And since fungus thrives in warm moist environments such as pools and showers, be sure to wear rubber shoes or shower clogs when walking in communal areas such as at the gym or the pool.
  • Be Finicky About Footwear– When selecting footwear, choose well-ventilated shoes that allow your feet to “breathe.” Make sure your shoes fit properly, allowing for sufficient space at the toes. Open toed shoes and sandals are a good choice. And steer clear of shoes made from synthetic materials. If possible, alternate pairs of shoes to allow them to air out with fresh air between wearings. If your shoes get wet, take them off immediately.

    As for your socks, select a pair made of cotton or other natural materials that will “wick” moisture away from your feet and toes. If your feet sweat or become wet, change your socks immediately. Try to change your socks at least twice a day and wash them in hot water after each wearing.
  • Eliminate Fungus– Mycozil is all natural, vegetarian supplement that is extremely effective against toenail fungus. Some people have reported noticeable satisfaction in one or two months and significant satisfaction in six to nine months. Just be sure to use it regularly. Missing a day can give the fungi time to recover and replicate, prolonging the process.

    Mycozil contains a number of potent ingredients that work together to eliminate fungus. These ingredients include pau D’arco, oregano, lemongrass, anise seed, Bacillus laterosporus, and active horopito. Each of these is powerful in its own right. Together, the unique formula for Mycozil provides the ultimate solution for toenail fungus.

    When using Mycozil, take three capsules twice a day for a minimum of two to three months. Your toenails grow slowly, so don’t be fooled by any remedy that claims to eliminate toenail fungus in just a few days. And while you are using Mycozil, follow a diet that excludes simple sugars, milk, and processed or refined flour products. Avoid alcohol and limit your intake of high fructose fruits. These simple steps will help you wipe out fungus for good.