Gentian Violet for Yeast Infection

Gentian violet is a dark purple dye that is derived from coal tar. It is also known as crystal violet and is available at many health food stores. It has been proven to be an excellent option for infections which are caused by an unhealthy amount of the yeast candida in the body.

The yeast that causes thrush and vaginal yeast infections is a naturally occurring substance that is found in the mouth and other mucus membranes. This yeast is necessary and harmless when maintained in a balanced state along with other necessary bacteria. In the right conditions the yeast will rapidly multiply and this uncontrolled growth may lead to an imbalanced state and infections that may invade neighboring tissues. A number of health problems are associated with an imbalance of candida. However, the most commonly known ailments are thrush and vaginitis.

An abundance of candida may cause vaginitis, commonly known as a yeast infection. This condition is especially common in women who are pregnant or taking antibiotics. Common indications of a yeast infection are vaginal itching, a white discharge, sensitive skin at the vaginal opening and pain during urination or intercourse. This infection may also be spread through oral sex as the same yeast that causes vaginal yeast infections is responsible for thrush.

Thrush also occurs when there is an overgrowth of candida; this situation often occurs when the immune system is weakened, if there is poor dental hygiene or during pregnancy. Additionally the use or overuse of antibiotics may lead to an overabundance of candida, causing thrush. A newborn may contract thrush during birth if his or her mother was suffering from a yeast infection, with symptoms becoming apparent after 7-10 days. Thrush can become an ongoing problem for infants as the immune system is not yet fully developed and a healthy balance of bacteria and fungus has not been achieved in the mouth. Some cases of thrush present no symptoms, but often those infected will experience white patches in the mouth that may bleed if aggravated. A sore mouth may also be prevalent, with infected babies showing reluctance to eat. Babies may develop diaper rash as the yeast is passed through the infant’s stool. Mothers who breast feed may also experience unusually red and sore nipples from the infection.

Individuals who suffer from an imbalance of candida are at risk of contracting a host of physical problems that may not initially seem to be related. A poorly functioning immune system may be both the cause and the effect of candida overpopulation. Often when people experience problems related to excessive candida growth a physician will prescribe an antibiotic, which only exacerbates the problem.

Many people turn to gentian violet for thrush and vaginal yeast infections. Unfortunately it is somewhat messy, as the dark purple color may stain the skin and fabrics. Infants and mothers who may have developed the condition due to breast feeding can use a cotton swab to apply the gentian violet into the infant’s mouth all around the sides and over the tongue. Immediately allow the child to breast feed and the remedy will be spread to the mother. This should be done once daily; it may be best to do it before bed to avoid staining clothing.

For an adult vaginal yeast infection, coat a tampon with a small amount of gentian violet and insert into the vagina for three to four hours. This should be repeated no more than twice daily for twelve consecutive days. The infection, caused by an imbalance in vaginal candida, should be cleared up in this time.

It is generally understood that being proactive against an ailment is much easier than getting rid of it and the best way to maintain good health is to give your body the means to function properly. Practice proper oral hygiene, wash your hands, and use other common sense tactics to help maintain an appropriate balance of candida. Maintain a healthy diet, limit your use of antibiotics, and attend to your body’s nutritional needs to encourage a balanced level of candida in the body and control the occurrence and severity of these infections. However, if these steps are not enough to ward off infections caused by excessive candida, gentian violet is a great home remedy.