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The Benefits of Ozone Therapy for Candida

Candida, the yeast that is responsible for the development of vaginal yeast infections and thrush, is a fungus that is found in the mouth and other mucus membranes. This fungus or form of yeast, when maintained in a balanced state … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Probiotics for Nail Fungus

Nail Fungus or Toenail fungus begins as a light colored spot under the tip of the nail and can continue to spread until the entire toenail becomes thick and yellow, gray or black with crumbling edges. If left alone, nail … Continue reading

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Blood Tests for Fungal Infections

How is blood testing for Fungus and infections performed? Blood cultures are done to detect and identify bacteria and yeasts (a type of fungus) in the blood. Typically, blood is usually drawn into two types of containers each used to … Continue reading

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How to Make Athlete’s Foot Powder

Picked up in warm, damp places such as public pools, showers, or locker rooms the tinea pedis fungus, is known most commonly as “athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot is a highly contagious, persistent ailment caused by fungal growth on the feet. … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Oregano Oil for Nail Fungus

Used both topically and internally, oil of oregano is naturally potent against harmful organisms. Researchers have found that it is very effective specifically in fighting yeast, bacterial and fungal infections. Not to be confused with the spice oregano, which is … Continue reading

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