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The Benefits of Vitamins for Athlete’s Foot

Maintaining a healthy immune system is the single most important thing that you can do to avoid feeling less than healthy. Eating a well balanced diet gives your immune system the resources to support good health and getting enough essential … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Toenail Fungus

One of the oldest and most trusted toenail fungus remedies is apple cider vinegar. This valuable product has been heavily relied upon throughout the ages to support good health. It helps alkalize the body and is rich in potassium, which … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Colloidal Silver for Toenail Fungus

Colloidal silver is made of de-ionized, distilled water containing small clusters of silver atoms. Silver has been used for hundreds of years to support good health. At one time it was believed that germs could not be transmitted by way … Continue reading

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Gentian Violet for Yeast Infection

Gentian violet is a dark purple dye that is derived from coal tar. It is also known as crystal violet and is available at many health food stores. It has been proven to be an excellent option for infections which … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Myrrh for Athlete’s Foot

Tinea pedis, more regularly known as athlete’s foot, is a common skin condition caused by the spread of fungus on the feet. The infection is typically caused when the feet come into contact with fungus growing on a damp surface, … Continue reading

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